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How to Find the Best Tie for Your Favorite Suit

Finding the perfect tie to match your favorite suit may seem like an impossible task. However, it is not impossible, and with a few helpful tips to get you on the way to finding that perfect tie, your outfit will be sure to turn heads all day and night.

To start, choose the suit that best suits your body type and personality. Whatever makes you feel most confident should be put on first. Then, the tie you add to that should be close to the same color as your blazer and pants or slacks. However, if your favorite suit is one with a lighter hue, try picking a tie that is more on the darker side to allow it to pop from the rest of the look. With this in mind, you can always be creative, but especially for more formal events, it is best to pick a tie that either is a close shade to the suit you’re wearing, or a bit darker in the case of a lighter suit being worn.

Additionally, the tie worn should be about three-to-four inches long and touch the top of the belt. This may vary for shorter or taller than average men. Be sure that the width of the tie coincides with the lapels of your suit jacket.

When you want to specifically match your tie to the shirt worn under the suit jacket, it is best practice to choose a shirt with a solid color because it will make finding a match much easier. White shirts will match anything but are best for the most formal events. If a vest is also being worn with the suit jacket, it should match the color(s) and patterns of the jacket, which will then follow the same rules of thumb previously mentioned about matching suit jackets to ties.

What about the shoes? Shoes have a bit more flexibility when it comes to how they can be paired and styled with your favorite suit. Usually, dress shoes are leather so they will typically come in shades of brown or black with various toe shapes. This part of the look is really up to the person putting together the outfit and how they would like to accessorize the look. However, to look the most put together, it is recommended that when choosing a pair of shoes to finish off the look, the shoes picked should not draw away from the rest of the suit and should match the leather color of the belt chosen.

What about further accessories? Other accessories can most definitely be added to your look. For example, tie clips, lapel flowers and pins, pocket squares, cufflinks, watches, and suspenders can really go a long way to spice up a potentially boring suit. Especially if it feels that the suit contains a lot of drab colors like black and grey, these accessories can make all the difference for the outfit to come together and stand out from the crowd. Don’t worry much about matching these accessories to the tie you have chosen for your suit. These accessories can match with just about any tie. However, if it is decided upon to add a lapel flower, pocket square, or suspenders to the look, it may look best to consider matching their colors to your tie, shoes, and belt as well.

All in all, whatever is decided upon for your perfect tie to match your favorite suit, be sure that they make you feel comfortable and confident. Add-ons to the look such as shoes, belts, tie clips, lapel pins and flowers, pocket squares, cufflinks, watches, and suspenders can mostly be decided at the discretion and desire of the person putting the outfit together. Call today to learn more!