Suit Design

Picking a Suit for the Right Occasion

Suit design and styles vary. Everyone wants to pick the perfect suit combination, and fitting the occasion is even more difficult. Here are some tips on how to stay stylish for your next event, while also fitting in with the theme.

What Events am I Designing My Suit for?

First, your answer should always be yourself. Considering how others perceive the suit you have chosen is good to be mindful of, but only in a sense of respect. Your style choice should be transmitted through your suit, and not what the occasion is. Having said that, there are standard guidelines to each type of event that are recommended to at least be aware of.

Suit Designs for Different Occasions

Weddings – weddings are extremely important to be mindful of in terms of respect. Dressing well is the intention, but you don’t want to be outdoing anyone at their own wedding. Before choosing a suit, consider the time of year the wedding will occur. If it’s during the summer season or spring, lighter colors are always advised as a primary, with a darker accent to complement the base.

Avoid having too much of any color. This can be offputting visually, and when trying the suit on, you can easily be overwhelmed with too much of a lighter color. If it is gray or black, however, it’s easier to have more of. Darker colors overwhelm the rest of the suit very rarely, since it becomes a more classic look.

Birthday parties – This has high variability. If you know the family well, consider their expectations first. If the venue is higher class, or the guest list is massive, then most suits are acceptable. Feel free to take some liberty with accessories, trying more casual options.

If you aren’t as familiar with the family and are unsure of their expectations, muted tones are a safe bet.

Funerals – These are almost always the same. Black primary with a matching tie is what you should wear in almost every case. Should the event be in a more unique light, then other options are possible. For example, a celebration of life carries a different sort of connotation, so consider again the expectations of the organizers of the event. If unknown, revert back to an all black, classic look.

Parties – Casual evening parties should almost never be “best-dressed” events. To dress for these properly, get a gauge of the guest list. In any case though, do not wear your best clothes for this, as you will almost always be overdressed. Being underdressed is extremely uncommon for the average party-goer, as the event often calls for a specific attire if necessary. This will come down to preparation again, and your intention with how you want to dress. Enjoy yourself, change it up.

Accessory Choices in Suit Design

Shoes – This is vitally important. Most often it’s recommended to match your shirt choice with shoes. However, this can end up having a very bland look. Muting the tones of each is a much better choice rather than trying to exactly match the colors.

Find the right tie pairing after you’ve chosen the suit. Don’t let the choice of tie dictate how you choose the rest of the suit design. If you elect to go with a more fun pattern, or at least one that’s out of the ordinary, make sure it’s an event that the choice won’t be disrespectful to. Try on the suit before you make a final decision, if possible.

If you’re still unsure of which suit design is the best fit for you, give us a call for a consultation. We’ll go over your options, expectations, and intentions for the suit, and see which event wear is the best for you.