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Dressing For A Wedding

Dressing for a wedding can be formidable. However, with the right tips and tricks, we can get you there looking and feeling your best.

Darker colors are best when choosing a suit for the occasion. Under the suit, find a white or light-colored collared shirt to contrast the dark suit. In terms of shoes, black leather on oxfords or loafers should be the first choice. A tie or bow tie can be worn. In terms of accessories, jewelry can be added. Tie pins, cufflinks, and lapels can also be added for a pop of color if you choose.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the details of each.


The suit you choose for a wedding really depends on the dress code of that wedding. Dress codes can range from white tie (the most formal) to casual (the least formal). The full range is white tie, black tie, black tie optional, semiformal, cocktail, beach formal, dressy casual, and casual. With these various dress codes, you may get a bit confused when it comes time to pick everything out… here are some do’s and don’t for your wedding attire:


-Wear a dark-colored suit

-Wear a white collared dress shirt

-Accessorize your look


-Wear a white jacket

-Wear denim

-Wear shorts

-Intend on upstaging the groom and/or his groomsmen

-Wear a colorful boutonniere

-Wear colorful shoes

-Mix & match

-Wear clothing with rips or holes

-Wear clothing with wrinkles

-Wear clothing with logos or graphics

-Wear a hat

Some extra tips:

As the weather begins heating up in the spring and summer months, wedding attire becomes increasingly casual. When these seasons hit, it becomes more acceptable to wear lighter colors. Two-piece suits made in a light fabric are best for warmer weather as well.

Be sure to choose accessories that are not too bright or flashy. The goal is not to take the spotlight away from the couple on their day.

When choosing add-ons to your wedding outfit such as a tie, a tie clip, shoes, socks, cufflinks, boutonnieres, lapel pin/flower, watch, belt, suspenders, or a pocket square, be sure to choose the accessories that best tie into the colors of your suit and is not distracting to look at.

It is a good idea to schedule a custom suit fitting. This is because a fitting will allow you to pick a suit that fits your body the best and will hug all the right places while accentuating your finest features. Also, higher quality materials are usually used if you schedule a custom fitting. This opportunity also allows the wedding guest to highlight their own personal style and integrate those aspects into the suit design. Scheduling a fitting will potentially end up saving you time and money by not having to return pieces that don’t fit quite right. In the long run, the suit will end up lasting longer due to its higher quality and style that fits your personality to a T.

If you are attending a wedding soon, please contact us and we will be sure to find you the best pieces to make you feel your most confident for the special occasion. We have a special offer where if you purchase five suits or tuxedos (including the shirts, ties/bowties, hankies, belts, and socks), you’ll receive the suits for your groomsmen for free! Even after that wedding you’re attending is over, we’ll still be here for you to provide you with the right suit for your next occasion, whether it be for graduation, an award ceremony, a business dinner, prom, a funeral, a religious occasion, a job interview, or a quinceanera.

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