What Makes a Custom Suit POP?

What Makes a Custom Suit POP?

Your custom suit needs to pop for it to be worth the investment. Otherwise, you just have another expensive set of garments you’ll rarely wear. Here are some tips to make your suit pop.

Why am I Getting a Custom Suit?

Answer this beforehand. This will give you the best opportunity to be successful in finding a suit that’s perfect for you. Are you getting a custom suit for comfort and fit? Or are you more focused on styling the suit to your exact specifications? Both are completely valid reasons to get a custom suit made.

Take your time evaluating what needs you have to have met in order to successfully craft that perfect suit. You don’t want to rush this investment, as it is an investment into both yourself and your value. You want it to convey the style and fit that you desire without being overwhelming.

Get Creative to Make Your Suit Pop

You have to think differently if you’re going to see a major change in your custom suit from the suits you usually wear. Think about the colors, the fabrics, designs, and all the details you’d love to have addressed. Make sure you take down as many details you want covered as possible. Then, you can priortize a few and make sure those get addressed first to see how they’ll complement the rest. Although, it is important to consider what’s “sensible” to get creative with.

Of course, you can really make anything work with a custom suit. There is no right or wrong way to wear a suit that you’ve designed yourself. However, it’s much harder to make certain aspects “work” when it comes to getting creative.

Which Aspects of the Suit Should I get More Creative With?

Shirt Choice

Your shirt almost acts as the “palate cleanser” of the suit. With a perfectly matched suit jacket and shirt, you’re going to make an amazing first impression on anyone you introduce yourself to. Aim to have these act in tandem through pattern choice, colors, and the overall sense of prestige it creates.


Your tie is the draw in to your suit. When people approach you, it’s one of the key characteristics they notice first. This cannot be a detriment to the suit, it has to be an asset. Accomplish this by finding a color that perfectly pairs while not overwhelming the rest of the suit. You need it to be eye-catching, but not too extreme. Try to stich with more simple patterns and extreme colors, or vice versa. Either way, the best aspect of your tie choice is that its interchangeable.

You can try on all different kinds of ties after your suits been made, and see which fits the best. the next pairing you’re going to have to address are your shoes.


You have to get your shoes right. Otherwise, they can be distracting from the rest of your custom suit. You want them to be subtle, stylish, and sleek. For darker suit colors, bolder shoes with brown finishes are usually best, while black shoes are a classic as well. You can never really go wrong with choosing black shoes. They just might not always contribute as much style to the rest of the suit.

If you’re going for a more exotic, vibrant look, accessorize your shoes with caution. Adding colored lace tips are one way to do so without overwhelming the shoe, but make sure the color doesn’t stand out too much. A great way to ensure this is by matching it to the color of your shirt or jacket. Then, the style becomes more cohesive and doesn’t seem as thrown together last minute.

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