Differences in Men's Suit Styles: Part 1

Differences in Men’s Suit Styles: Part 1

The most important pillar of men’s style— especially when it comes to wearing a suit— is that you should feel both comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. These attributes are essential to pulling off practically any outfit with success and flair. There are several men’s suit styles you can choose from to ensure you are dressed to impress.

The Differences to Look Out for in Men’s Suit Styles

Many factors need to work together in tandem to produce the ideal suit fit for the man who’s wearing it.

First, there’s the fabric that the suit is made of, which includes its color and weight. Then, there’s the number of buttons, lapel shape, etc.

For the purposes of the first part of this series, we’ll be focusing on the buttons that define the type of suit.

Single vs. Double Breasted Suits

Deciding whether to wear a single or double-breasted suit all comes down to a matter of personal preference. The double-breasted suit typically looks more formal, but either style is acceptable for most occasions.

On the other hand, single-breasted suit jackets typically come with one to three buttons. On occasion, there are suits out there with five or six buttons, but this can come off as rather frivolous and over-done.

The most popular type of men’s jackets worn today are those of the single-breasted variety. This is because of how simple— yet at times versatile— they are.

Single-breasted jackets can further be defined by the pants that are worn with them. Matching pants make for a comfortable suit look, but these jackets can easily be paired with jeans or chinos for a more casual feel.

The traditional double-breasted jacket has four buttons— two on each side. The modern double-breasted jacket typically has three per side, however.

Aside from the formation of buttons, the next thing you’re bound to notice with this particular jacket style is the additional fasteners, in addition to the extra fabric.

The number of fasteners can vary from one to three, all dependent on the jacket. Their function is to hold the extra fabric in place while closing over the other side of the jacket front.

Double-breasted suits are not as universally flattering as the single variety and are definitely not constructed for everyone. However, for those who can pull it off, they are considered extremely suave and formal.

Suit Jacket Buttons

Men’s suits are very much about the small details. A great example of this is the number of buttons sewn onto a suit jacket.

How many buttons should you have on your suit? Well, most men tend to have a one, two, or three-button suit set in their closet. Ideally, they own one of each.

Sure, buttons may seem like a minute detail, but they can make all the difference when it comes to your look. Even how you fasten them counts, too.

For example, leaving the bottom button open is one way to do it. Most suits are actually specifically cut to be worn with the last button unfastened. Most times, a fastened bottom button can spoil the entire silhouette.

You can get away with one button at most events— either social or formal. This is also great for showing off your sleek shirt/tie combo, too. However, you may run the risk of appearing a tad too unkempt in stuffier settings.

Two-Button Suit

This is the ever-so-slightly more mature version of the one-button suit. Two buttons create a classic look that is the go-to for many men around the world for virtually any occasion.

With both a slimming and heightening visual effect, it’s pretty difficult to get this look wrong. A two-button jacket works for just about every body size and shape.

Three-Button Suit

At times this suit will translate as stylish, however, the three-button suit jacket is a step closer toward a more conservative territory. The style lacks the elongated, slimming characteristics of its one and two-button counterparts, which can make it pretty unforgiving on the person wearing it.

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